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morphotype (plural morphotypes)

  1. (biology) Any of a group of different types of individuals of the same species in a population; a morph.
    • 1859 June 1, “The stereoscope and the stereograph”, in Atlantic Monthly: A Magazine of Literature, Art and Politics, page 744:
      The morphotype, or form-print, must hereafter take its place by the side of the logotype or word-print.
    • 1911, Annals of the Entomological Society of America, volume 4, page 208:
      As the first form of a dimorphic sex will be represented in the holotype or allotype, there may be some doubt as to the advisability of classing morphotypes among primary types.
    • 2013, Alan L. Titus, At the Top of the Grand Staircase: The Late Cretaceous of Southern Utah:
      The only exception seems to be morphotype 2 (Scotiophryne), which is clearly defined by a prominent lamina that posteriorly delimits the oblique groove and, in the Utah samples, is stratigraphically restricted to the lower—middle Campanian.


morphotype (third-person singular simple present morphotypes, present participle morphotyping, simple past and past participle morphotyped)

  1. To sort into such types (and identify them)
    • 1977 July 1, ME Kabay, JJ Gilbert, “Polymorphism and reproductive mode in the rotifer, Asplanchna sieboldi: Relationship between meiotic oogenesis and shape of body‐wall outgrowths”, in Journal of Experimental Zoology:
      Experiment 4 involved only morphotyping, and the results demonstrated the concentration-dependence of the subdivisions of morphotype 1.
    • 2001, Richard O. Bierregaard, editor, Lessons from Amazonia: The Ecology and Conservation of a Fragmented Forest, page 316:
      In a second phase, arriving seeds were left to accumulate in traps for eight months, at which time all seeds, fruits, and germinated seedlings in the traps were collected and "morphotyped" (separated into unidentified but recognizable species).
    • 2014, Geraldo Wilson Fernandes, Neotropical Insect Galls, page 227:
      Galls when found were inspected for inducers, collected separately in plastic bags when an insect or mite was found and were provisionally morphotyped (for organ, shape, colour and host plant).

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