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mother +‎ chucker, as a rhyming bowdlerization of motherfucker. Popularized by the American television series Gossip Girl in the late 2000s,[1] but reportedly used by Britney Spears in a 2005 Details article.[2]


motherchucker (plural motherchuckers)

  1. (euphemistic, slang, usually pejorative) Motherfucker.
    • 2008, Jessica Pressler & Chris Rovzar, "Gossip Girl Says ‘Chuck You’ to True Love", Daily Intelligencer, 9 February 2008:
      Ordinarily we would say that no one would actually say, as Blair does, "Damn that motherchucker!" []
    • 2009, Jason Pinter, The Darkness, Mira (2009), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      "I see a few motherchuckers in the crowd."
    • 2009, Jada Yuan, "Glory Be! Patrick McMullan Redesigned His Website!", New York Magazine, 1 July 2009:
      We’ve spent the last four years of our lives cursing the Patrick McMullan Company Website. We love Patrick and the boys dearly, but entire mountain ranges could have formed in the time it took that motherchucker to load.
    • 2009, Stephen King, "Stephen King's Reliable Rentals", Entertainment Weekly, 21 August 2009:
      Die Hard has been often imitated but never duplicated. Willis good, Rickman better. Yippee-ki-yay, motherchucker.
    • 2012, Sarah Lawson, "Gossip Girl Recap Recap: Salon of the Dead", Vulture, 20 April 2012:
      Nate being a motherchucker +20 –THEYCALLMESTACEY


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