motherhood and apple pie

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An apple pie, a baseball bat and baseball resting on a baseball mitt, two red apples, and one green apple all resting on an unfurled flag of the United States of America.


motherhood and apple pie

  1. Alternative form of mom and apple pie
    • 1974, Howard Cosell, Like it is, page 131:
      Why are you so critical of baseball? ... something pure and noble like the American flag, motherhood and apple pie.
    • 2003, Deborah Lynn Guber, The grassroots of a green revolution: polling America on the environment, page 1:
      As one newspaper columnist wryly observed, "Motherhood and apple pie, baseball and the flag — all may be subjects of controversy. But the environment is almost beyond debate these days.
    • 2008 November 15, “G-20 Summit: Little Action, Many Promises”, in BusinessWeek:
      ... those are hardly ideas anyone would disagree with: "It's motherhood and apple pie, or whatever the European equivalent of motherhood and apple pie is."