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  1. simple past and past participle of motivate


motivated (comparative more motivated, superlative most motivated)

  1. Enthusiastic, especially about striving toward a goal.
    We're looking for a highly motivated individual who will fit into our fast-paced corporate culture.
    • 2001, Norman E. Wallen, Jack R. Fraenkel, Educational Research: A Guide to the Process, page 177:
      It seems reasonable to assume that academically able students are more motivated toward academic activities than those less able, and that students from higher socioeconomic levels are more motivated toward school than those from lower socioeconomic levels.
    • 2009, J. Dan Rothwell, In Mixed Company: Communicating in Small Groups and Teams, page 373:
      In every instance, she has expressed enormous frustration with social loafers—virtual group members whose lackluster motivation leaves the bulk of group projects to members who are more motivated to excel.
    • 2010, Leif H. Smith, Todd M. Kays, Sports Psychology for Dummies, page 47:
      As an athlete, you'll feel more motivated when you're confident in your skill set and believe in your ability to continue to improve.

Derived terms[edit]