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motorik (comparative more motorik, superlative most motorik)

  1. (music, informal) Having a rigid, repetitive, driving 4/4 beat, as in krautrock.
    • 1996, Jim DeRogatis, Kaleidoscope eyes: psychedelic rock from the '60s to the '90s
      ...explores the anti-auto tirades of Peggy Suicide while (ironically) paying tribute to the motorik beat and highway sounds of Neu! and krautrock.
    • 2006, Steve Taylor, A to X of Alternative Music
      Kraftwerk and Can both used the motorik style as did later electronic oriented bands like Ultravox...
    • 2007, Phil Freeman, Marooned: the next generation of desert island discs
      ...with occasional C-sharp and B chords thrown in there to relieve the tension, and a motorik beat.