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moustachio (plural moustachios)

  1. Alternative spelling of mustachio


moustachio (third-person singular simple present moustachios, present participle moustachioing, simple past and past participle moustachioed)

  1. Alternative spelling of mustachio
    • 1975, Nicholas Delbanco, Small rain, page 87:
      The family had picnicked there, near rocks moustachioed by moss, and the valley spreead beneath them like the falls' accomplishment.
    • 2006, Martin Booth, Golden Boy: Memories of a Hong Kong Childhood, →ISBN:
      The cakes were summed up by my mother, her upper lip moustachioed with cream.
    • 2012, Emma Forrest, Your Voice in My Head, →ISBN:
      I hope his moustachioing her so close to my exit from the psych ward did not doom Britney, by ink, to the same fate.