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multiple +‎ poinding


multiplepoinding (plural multiplepoindings)

  1. (Scots law) A legal action taken when there are several claimants to the same fund or property.
    • 1824, Walter Scott, Redgauntlet
      Mr. Wildgoose, Mr. Peebles's eighth agent, recommended a Multiplepoinding to bring all parties concerned into the field.
    • 1826, George Joseph Bell, Commentaries on the laws of Scotland, and on the principles of mercantile jurisprudence, Volume 2, page 299
      The multiplepoinding makes the fund litigious, to the effect of preventing the common debtor, to whom the fund originally belonged, from granting any voluntary conveyances of it while the action is in dependance.
    • 2007, Gary Watt, Todd and Watt's Cases and Materials on Equity and Trusts, page 223, →ISBN.
      For tax purposes, and for them alone, the English law of charity is to be regarded as part of the law of Scotland. Lord Jauncey's decision in the action of multiplepoinding proceeded on the general law of Scotland as regards charities, and, as the Glasgow Police Athletic case shows, the decision under the corresponding English common law rules would have been different.