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From the Latin mūsaeum, variant form of mūsēum, whence the English museum.


musæum (plural musæums or musæa)

  1. Archaic spelling of museum.
    • 1721: William Lilly, Mr. Lilly’s History of His Life and Times: Written by Himself. Published from the Original Manuscript, Reposited in the Ashmolean Musæum at Oxford. To which is Subjoined, The True History of King James I. and King Charles I., book title (E. Curll, J. Pemberton, and W. Taylor)
    • 1774: The Divine Predictions of Daniel and St. John Demonstrated: In a Symbolical Theological Dissertation on Cox’s Musæum. With Notes, Critical and Explanatory…, book title (J. Wheble)
    • 1789: Leman Thomas Rede, Alexander Dalrymple, John Debrett, and Arthur Homer, Bibliotheca Americana; Or, A Chronological Catalogue of the Most Curious and Interesting Books, Pamphlets, State Papers, &c. Upon the Subject of North and South America: From the Earliest Period to the Present, in Print and Manuscript; for which Research Has Been Made in the British Musæum, and…, book title (self-published)
    • 1868: Museo nazionale di Napoli and Raffaele Gargiulo, Collection of the most remarkable monuments of the National Musæum, book title (R. Gargiulo)