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mytho-geography (countable and uncountable, plural mytho-geographies)

  1. Alternative form of mythogeography
    • 2000, Amar Nath Prasad, Indian Novelists in English: Critical Perspectives, →ISBN, page 175:
      Raghavendra Rao observes: Chaudhuri had also built up the physical image of England as a place, churning out a whole mytho- geography out of books read and pictures seen. The England thus, conjured up was a country which possessed not only beautiful spots but also place names which sounded beautiful'.
    • 2014, Laszlo Kurti, Remote Borderland, The: Transylvania in the Hungarian Imagination, →ISBN:
      Equally ambiguous in Hungarian nationalist mytho-geography is the site where Aron Tamasi, the famed writer of Szekler literature, is buried.
    • 2014, Ole Bruun, ““When you have seen the Yellow Mountains” : Approaches to Nature, Essence and Ecology in China”, in Worldviews: Global Religions, Culture, and Ecology, volume 18, number 1:
      The Yellow Mountains never occupied a central place in Chinese mytho-geography, neither figuring among the Five Great Mountains of early Taoist cosmology, nor having a place among the Four Famous Mountains of later Chinese Buddhism (Robson 2009: 17–56).