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From mytho- +‎ poetic; since 1880.


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mythopoetic (comparative more mythopoetic, superlative most mythopoetic)

  1. Giving rise to myths; pertaining to the creation of myth.
  2. Being a creative interpretation.
  3. (mythology) Given the quality of a myth or a poem, used typically in opposition to a purely factual account.
  4. Of or relating to the mythopoetic men's movement.
    • Darren Staloff's lecture Search for a Meaningful Past: Philosophies, Theories and Interpretations of Human History, The Teaching Company
      "An example of the former, of the mythopoetic history, may be Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche, or Ecce Homo his own mythopoetic autobiography."
    • 2000, C A Bowers, Let Them Eat Data[1]:
      "To paraphrase Kelly (1994), we should not be surprised that Nature, having subjugated the bulk of inert matter on Earth, would go on to subjugate the mythopoetic narratives that are the basis of the moral codes that constitute this still culturally diverse world."