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næve (plural næves)

  1. Obsolete form of naeve.
    • 1855, author uncertain, The North British Review[1], page 38:
      One has gorgeous glimpses of that grand Durham House of his, with its carvings and its antique marbles, armorial escutcheons, “ beds with green silk hangings and legs like dolphins, overlaid with gold ;” and the man himself, tall, beautiful and graceful, perfect alike in body and in mind, walking to and fro, his beautiful wife upon his arm, his noble boy beside his knee, in his “ white satin doublet embroidered with pearls, and a great chain of pearls about his neck,” lording it among the lords with “ an awfulness and ascendency above other mortals,” for which men say that “ his næve is, that he is damnable proud ;” and no wonder.