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naïve +‎ -ly


naïvely (comparative more naïvely, superlative most naïvely)

  1. Alternative form of naively
    • 1954, Gilbert Ryle, Dilemmas: The Tarner Lectures, 1953, dilemma vii: Perception, page 94 (The Syndics of the Cambridge University Press)
      I do not want to spend long in examining the arguments for this general deprecation of sense-perception or the intellectual motives for denying all credentials to sense-perception in order to enhance those of calculation, demonstration or religious faith. I want to get quickly to the much thornier briar-patch, the place, namely, where scientific accounts of perception seem to issue in the consequential doctrine that observers, including the physiologists and psychologists themselves, never perceive what they naïvely suppose themselves to perceive.
    • 2005 September: John H. Jenkins, The Dao of Unihan, International & Text Group, Apple Computer, Inc.
      Users should not naïvely assume that learning to pronounce an East Asian language is all about learning to pronounce the individual ideographs []