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  1. present participle of nanny


nannying (uncountable)

  1. Behaving with an excess of protective concern.
    • 2005 August 28, DavidR, “Re: the nanny state”, in uk.rec.driving, Usenet:
      The subject is nannying. The test of whether a regulation is nannying depends on the above condition. For example, seatbelts & helmets are nannying; 30mph residential speed limits are not nannying (though some people consider this is).
    • 2007 May 23, Mark, Devon, “Out-of-date food in UK supermarkets”, in, Usenet:
      On the other hand, there is far too much nannying nowadays, and probably the widespread use of anti-bacterial wipes for the kitchen, baby's highchair and everywhere else in the home is helping to spread MRSA and C-difficile in hospitals