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narrative +‎ -ize


narrativize (third-person singular simple present narrativizes, present participle narrativizing, simple past and past participle narrativized)

  1. To turn into a narrative.
    • 1987, John George Moss, Future Indicative: Literary Theory and Canadian Literature:
      [] for to narrate, to narrativize, in fiction or criticism, is also to exercise power.
    • 1996, Monika Fludernik, Towards a 'natural' Narratology
      Readers narrativize such texts by resorting to the experiencing frame, overruling the oddity in pronominal usage that makes such texts difficult []
    • 2005, Richard A Gilmore, Doing Philosophy at the Movies
      To fail to narrativize one's own life, to fail to redescribe oneself, Rorty suggests, is to fail to be fully human.