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nbsp (plural nbsps)

  1. (HTML) Abbreviation of non-breaking space; a blank space in a line of type which should not be at the very end of the line of text.
    • 1999 September 8, "Simon Fraser" (username), "fixes for empty doc testing and output", in netscape.public.mozilla.editor, Usenet:
      I also changed OutputToString and OutputToStream to check for an empty document when requesting plain text, in which case they'll return an empty string or stream. This fixes the bug where we'd send back an nbsp in the string.
    • 2001 June 4, "Fox", "Netscape: DIV within a table?", in comp.lang.javascript, Usenet:
      You need the nbsp in order for the cell to show like a regular cell (otherwise you get that "raised" looking space -- if you know what I mean).
    • 2003 June 6, "S Chapman", "Help me upgrade from PageMill !", in adobe.golive.windows, Usenet:
      Incidentally - I noticed myself that GL doesn't automatically put a nbsp in table cells.