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From Proto-Italic *nepōts, from Proto-Indo-European *népōts. Cognates include Sanskrit नपात् (nápāt), Old Persian 𐎴𐎱𐎠 (napā), Ancient Greek ἀνεψιός (anepsiós) and Old English nefa. More at neve.



nepōs m, f (genitive nepōtis); third declension

  1. a grandson
  2. a granddaughter
  3. a nephew
  4. a descendant
  5. (figuratively) a spendthrift, prodigal


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative nepōs nepōtēs
genitive nepōtis nepōtum
dative nepōtī nepōtibus
accusative nepōtem nepōtēs
ablative nepōte nepōtibus
vocative nepōs nepōtēs


Derived terms[edit]



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