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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of nerd +‎ nirvana.


nerdvana (uncountable)

  1. (slang) A place or state of happiness and fulfillment for nerds.
    • 1995, Robert Sam, Teach Yourself MFC Library Programming in 21 Days, Sams (1995), →ISBN, page 572:
      Just as Visual Basic brought closet Windows programmers out into the open, so might Delphi allow these same programmers to take an even bigger step toward 'nerdvana'.
    • 2005, Gordon Meyer, Smart Home Hacks: Tips & Tools for Automating Your House, O'Reilly Media (2005), →ISBN, page 133:
      Have you ever noticed how your laser printer usually is switched off when you want to use it? This simple hack will save you from having to leave your comfy chair just to switch it on. Ahhh, Nerdvana.
    • 2010, Steven Savile, Silver, Variance Publishing (2010), →ISBN, page 278:
      It was like a geek boy's nerdvana, floor to ceiling gadgets.
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