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From nether- +‎ mind.


nethermind (plural netherminds)

  1. The lower or subconscious mind.
    • 1969, Thomas M. Disch, Camp concentration:
      The truth perhaps - the true truth - is not so much that the mask is hollow as that I don't care to look behind it at the nystagmic flicker of image image image that the nethermind is broadcasting to the faulty receptor of the overmind.
    • 1983, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (France), Jean Chaline, Colloques internationaux du Centre national de la recherche scientifique:
      For example the insular glirids show nethermind the origin, the time and the place of the isolation a tendancy to hypsodonty, to motorisation of the premolar, and to the formation of longitudinal lingual and labial crest on the lower [...]
    • 2001, Martin Amis, Experience: A Memoir:
      This is how he does it as a writer: he runs everything past his innocence, his nethermind, his first soul. He runs everything past his soul.
    • 2004, Erik Davis, TechGnosis:
      While the mesmerists were uncovering the ethereum through their patients' netherminds, measurable electromagnetism was also beginning to radically reconfigure the official scientific picture of the cosmos.