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From nether- +‎ region.


netherregion (plural netherregions)

  1. Alternative form of nether region
    • 2002, Tad Williams, Sea of Silver Light:
      As rain falls and shells explode, Paul struggles through mud and corpses, only to find he has crossed over into some netherregion, stranger even than his castle dream—a flat, misty emptiness.
    • 2011, M. J. Hewitt, Tales from Beneath the Dulippa Tree:
      A sharp, gleaming knife appears within the hand of the now distressed upper-half, and with vigorous strokes, she cuts and slashes at the point where her body transforms into the netherregion beast.
    • 2012, Jeni Decker, I Wish I Were Engulfed in Flames:
      The whole “broke my heart” thing caused me to guffaw. Not laugh, but guffaw, which is defined as loud, raucous laughter. Raucous laughter is not conducive to someone sporting an inflamed netherregion.