niece fucker

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niece +‎ fucker


niece fucker (plural niece fuckers)

  1. (vulgar) Motherfucker (generic term of abuse).
    • 2002, observer, Re: Amputee jailed for raping niece, 12 Group: soc.culture.malaysia
      He is insulting Prophet mohd. (Mohammad Mohamed Said,) change his name to smith or somethig similar and kick the niece fucker off islam
    • 2007, fat, Re: Heeeeeerrrrreeees Johnny the Commie Group: alt.war.vietnam
      Now pay attention here you pig ignorant niece fucker
    • 2007, David R Ke, Re: What the Fuck? Group: soc.veterans
      Honu are you bill clarke the niece fucker
    • 2001 Alex Cain, Incest in RSPW? Re: one hell of a gimmick Group:
      You keep dreaming, niecefucker
    • 1998, ak4, Re: В.Новодворская: На см ену февралям приходят октябр Group: soc.culture.russian
      I guess the reason is that you niecefucker never considered Russia as []
  2. (literally, vulgar) One who engages in incestuous sex with a niece