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nigger +‎ fuck +‎ -ate +‎ -ed


niggerfuxated (comparative more niggerfuxated, superlative most niggerfuxated)

  1. (slang, derogatory, offensive, ethnic slur) Ruined by black people.
    • 2003, "William J. Wolfe", Hey Liberals! I Thought POVERTY Caused Crime, Isn't That Your Lie? (on newsgroup soc.culture.african.american)
      Look at Detroit, Chicago, DC, Baltimore, Gary, LA...the list of niggerfuxated cities goes on and on.
    • 2004, "Reb Biker", Liberal Radio off the air AGAIN!!! (on newsgroup alt.flame.niggers)
      Anyone who would cast their lot with an outfit named "Multicultural News Radio", and expect their venture to NOT be niggerfuxated, deserves to go down in flames for being stupid.
    • 2005, "Affirmative Action", One Niggerfuxated Housing Project Gone! Hooray! (on newsgroup alt.flame.cincinnati)
    • 2006, "DR. FESTLER", Obama for president! (on newsgroup
      Hundreds of UN muhfuggas were dispatched to several areas of the isolated, niggerfuxated territory to control the spread of the nigger herd.

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