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na- (atelic, circuital) + -tsí- (mental) + -Ø- (3rd person subject prefix) + -Ø- (classifier)-kees (continuative stem of root -KÉÉZ, “to think”).



  1. (with baa) he/she is thinking, pondering about it
    Bilagáana kʼehjígo baa ntsíjíkeesgo doo nantłʼah da.When you think about it in English, it’s not difficult.


Paradigm: Continuative (Ø/si).

IMPERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person nitséskees nitsíikees nitsídeiikees
2nd person nitsíníkees nitsíóhkees nitsídaahkees
3rd person nitsékees nitsídaakees
4th person nitsíjíkees nitsídajikees
PERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person nitsísékééz nitsísiikééz nitsídasiikééz
2nd person nitsísíníkééz nitsísookééz nitsídasookééz
3rd person nitsézkééz nitsídaazkééz
4th person nitsíjízkééz nitsídajizkééz
FUTURE singular duoplural plural
1st person nitsídeeskos nitsídiikos nitsídadiikos
2nd person nitsídííkos nitsídoohkos nitsídadoohkos
3rd person nitsídookos nitsídadookos
4th person nitsízhdookos nitsídazhdookos
ITERATIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person nitsínáskos nitsínéiikos nitsíńdéiikos
2nd person nitsínáníkos nitsínáhkos nitsíńdáhkos
3rd person nitsínákos nitsíńdákos
4th person nitsíńjíkos nitsíńdajikos
OPTATIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person nitsóoskees nitsóokees nitsídaookees
2nd person nitsóókees nitsóohkees nitsídaoohkees
3rd person nitsóokees nitsídaookees
4th person nitsíjókees nitsídajókees

Verbal stems[edit]

  • PERFECTIVE: -kééz
  • FUTURE: -kos
  • ITERATIVE: -kos
  • OPTATIVE: -kees

Alternative forms[edit]