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Noctua fimbriata, a noctuid
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From Translingual Noctuidae.


noctuid (plural noctuids)

  1. Any of very many moths in the family Noctuidae.
    • 1916, British Columbia Provincial Museum, Report of the Provincial Museum of Natural History, page 462,
      Mr. H. McKnight, who resides at Goldstream, took a number of noctuids in September, feeding on hops.
    • 1981, T. M. Casey, Insect Flight Energetics, Clyde F. Herreid II, Charles R. Fourtner (editors), Locomotion and Energetics in Arthropods, page 432,
      The total wing area of these moths were essentially the same (geometrids = 3.8 cm2; noctuids = 3.6. cm2). Consequently, wing-loading of the noctuids was about twice as high as in the geometrids.
    • 1993, Thomas C.R. White, The Inadequate Environment: Nitrogen and the Abundance of Animals, page 76,
      Noctuids are renowned for their propensity for carnivory in general, and for cannibalism in particular (Gould et al. 1980).