non sequituri

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From non sequitur + -i, by misapplication of the Latin second-declension -us-i rule of plural formation.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /nɒn ˌsɛkwɪˈtuːɹi/, /nɒn ˌsɛkwɪˈtuːɹaɪ/


non sequituri

  1. (rare, nonstandard) plural of non sequitur
    • 1998 June 7, "Fedor the Mad" (username), The definition of “evil”, in alt.religion.wicca.moderated, Usenet:
      I’m putting in my two cents here, and I’m doing so with intentional bluntness; no offense[sic] intended to anyone. I’m also on a major pain-killer (naughty appendix, gone now), so please forgive any non sequituri.
    • 2002 January 25, "Arturo Magidin" (username), f is a unit?, in sci.math, Usenet:
      Hence, the claim that I misrepresented your statement is in fact false.
      [.snip the rest of the strawmen and non sequituri.]
    • 2002 September 14, "nan" (username), Patterns in Group Behaviour: The Debate, in alt.true-crime, Usenet:
      Michael’s never-ending toxic Bitch-Swipe; the omnipresentation of incoherent, gratuitous non sequituri from personified ignorance!