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nonsense +‎ -ify


nonsensify (third-person singular simple present nonsensifies, present participle nonsensifying, simple past and past participle nonsensified)

  1. (transitive and intransitive, rare) To treat as, transform into, or create nonsense, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
    • 1872, A. B. Grossart, ed., The Complete Poems of Robert Southwell, Printed for private collection, "St. Peter's Complaint," p. 51 (note for stanza 65, line 2):
      Turnbull again obscures and nonsensifies by misprinting "works" for "words."
    • 1949, Wilson Library Bulletin, vol. 24, p. 241:
      The artist, generalizing from the facts of experience, combines concrete symbols absurdly so as to nonsensify pragmatic reality.
    • 2001, Phillip Harth et al., Eighteenth-century Contexts: Historical Inquiries in Honor of Phillip Harth, ISBN 9780299174804, p. 84:
      But Swift will have none of this. He nonsensifies Collins.
    • 2002, Alun Rees, "Golf: Maruyama outshone," Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales), 27 Jul.:
      The Dutchman, taking the 16th stage of the Tour de France after a solo effort which nonsensified all known laws of human endurance, smiled.

Derived terms[edit]