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nonsense +‎ -ification


nonsensification (plural nonsensifications)

  1. (rare) The act of producing nonsense; the nonsense so produced.
    • 1816, Sir Walter Scott, The Antiquary: Volume II, ch. 1:
      "Only a simple suffumigation," said the Baronet, "accompanied by availing ourselves of the suitable planetary hour."
      "Simple suffumigation? simple nonsensification—planetary hour? planetary fiddlestick!"
    • 1959, J. A. M. Meerloo, "Psychoanalysis as an Experiment in Communication," The Psychoanalytic Review, vol. 46. no. 1, p. 80:
      "Nonsensification": Senseless associations are concocted as a strategy of confusion, especially by compulsives.
    • 1992, A. E. Barshay, "Imagining Democracy in Postwar Japan," Journal of Japanese Studies, vol. 18, no. 2, p. 382 n.44:
      Simon Weil considered "nonsensification" to be characteristic of fascist regimes.
    • 2001, Webster R. Calloway, Jean Piaget: A Most Outrageous Deception, →ISBN, p. 122:
      The Child's Conception of Space (Piaget & Inhelder, 1956) represents a tremendous mental effort to describe the metaphysical contents of Space, the marvelous monads, without really communicating it to anyone. . . . This book is an extraordinary example of nonsensification.

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