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Alternative forms[edit]


From nose +‎ blind.


noseblind (comparative more noseblind, superlative most noseblind)

  1. Lacking the sense of smell.
    • 2013, Michael Z. Williamson, Tour of Duty:
      They had no trouble fleeing, and seemed adequate in their care and preparations, but gods, they made a racket and left a trail a noseblind hound could follow.
  2. Unable to detect particular odours and smells, usually due to familiarity with or prolonged exposure to them.
    • 2015, Dale Kutzera, Andy McBean 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea:
      Gradually, the salty smell abated, or perhaps they had just become nose-blind to it.
    • 2015, K.D. Keenan, The Obsidian Mirror:
      Chaco looked at her, affronted. “I already know which car is his,” he whispered. “I'm not nose-blind, you know.” “I never took you for nose-blind, whatever that is,” she said, rummaging in her car for the water.
    • 2016, Sean Little, After Everyone Died:
      I had just been getting to the point where I no longer noticed the rotting smell, whether it was because the smell was going away or I had just become nose-blind to it I wasn't certain, but this was a fresh smell, recent.

Related terms[edit]