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nos (night) +‎ gwaith f (time, occasion)



noswaith f (plural nosweithiau, not mutable)

  1. evening (time of day)

Usage notes[edit]

  • Noswaith (evening) is used in phrase Noswaith dda (Good evening). It is also used as a countable noun in some southern dialects, where it is synonymous with noson, i.e. it refers to an individual evening or night.
(South Wales) noswaith wycha great evening/nights
(South Wales) tair noswaiththree nights
  • Noson (night, evening) is countable and refers to an individual evening or night and so is the word used when employing a qualifying numeral or adjective. It sits in contrast to the word diwrnod (day).
noson wycha great evening/night
tair nosonthree nights
  • Nos (night, evening), on the other hand, generally refers to the uncountable period of darkness. Nos is also used with the names of evenings and nights of days of the week, with holiday and festival names and in the phrase Nos da (Good night). It is therefore the opposite of dydd (day).
yn ystod y nosduring the night
nos WenerFriday evening/night
Nos GalanNew Year's Eve

Derived terms[edit]


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