not a one

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not a one

  1. None whatsoever.
    • 2004: Old man in Cerulean City, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen:
      Why must you lie to me? How many BERRIES do you have? Not a one!
    • 2005: JoAnn Bortles, How To Custom Paint Your Motorcycle:
      Looking through my old painting books, there are no women in them. Not a one.
    • 2010: Sean Lock and Stephen Fry, QI:
      - You can't find any legs on a snake, Stephen.
      - No, not a one.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Many variations are possible. Most fall within the general scheme "not a ([intensifier]) one (of [definite NP])". "Intensifier" includes all in Category:English intensifiers that are syntactically adjectives and in addition single and solitary. "Definite NP" includes pronouns and noun phrases.