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nowdays (not comparable)

  1. Pronunciation spelling of nowadays.
    • 1913, Agnes C. Laut, The Freebooters of the Wilderness[1]:
      Oh, A know vera well, we've no time for an old or a new dispensation nowdays.
    • 1899, Edward Noyes Westcott, David Harum[2]:
      I s'pose if the gen'ral run of trotters never got better 'n three 'n a half that a hoss that c'd do it in three 'd be fast, but we don't call 'em so nowdays.
    • 1876, Pansy, Four Girls at Chautauqua[3]:
      He didn't know any more than little mites of Sunday-school children do nowdays.
  2. Misspelling of nowadays.