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Contracted from an uair ‎(the time).


  • (careful speech) IPA(key): /n̪ˠuəɾʲ/
  • (rapid speech) IPA(key): /n̪ˠɔɾʲ/, /n̪ˠɛɾʲ/ (as if spelled noir)


nuair ‎(with direct relative form of verb)

  1. when
    Nuair a thiocfas an bás ní imeoidh sé folamh.
    When death comes he won’t leave empty.

Scottish Gaelic[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]



  1. when
    Tha i as toilichte nuair nach eil e a' seinn. - She is happiest when he isn't singing.
    Nì mi sin nuair a bhios àm agam. - I'll do it when I have time.
    Bha i dorcha nuair a ràinig iad an t-eilean. - It was dark when they reached the island.

Usage notes[edit]

  • If followed by the future tense, the relative future tense is used.
  • In the sense "at what time" cuin is used instead.
    Innis dhomh cuin a thèid iad ann. - Tell me when will they go there.