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nudie-cutie (plural nudie-cuties)

  1. A film in which cute, mischievous young women are portrayed nude, a popular genre of the 1960s.
    • 2005, Joe Bob Briggs, Profoundly erotic: sexy movies that changed history:
      Francis Coppola shot a sixty-eight-minute nudie-cutie called Tonight for Sure! (1962) — even though he now claims the later Dementia 13 (1962) was his debut []
    • 2006, David Andrews, Soft in the middle: the contemporary softcore feature in its contexts:
      Even the nudie cutie—whose women are typically flattened objects—tends to situate women as higher beings.
    • 2007, Jody W Pennington, The history of sex in American film
      Even before nudist-camp films ebbed in popularity, the nudie-cutie appeared with better-constructed story lines than nudist-camp films and promptly dominated the sexploitation circuit.