nul points

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Alternative forms[edit]


French, literally "nil points" in the style of score announcements at the Eurovision Song Contest.


  • IPA(key): /nyl pwɛ̃/, [nʊl ˈpwɑː(ŋ)]


nul points (uncountable)

  1. (humorous) No points (as a score); zero, nothing.
    • 1991, Eurovision Song Contest, BBC commentary by Terry Wogan:
      Danish jury representative: Germany, six points.
      Toto Cutugno: Germany, six points!
      Terry Wogan: That's the first six points for Germany! Now only Austria is left with the dreaded nul points.
    • 2010, Sue Limb, Flirting for England, p. 56:
      A small blonde girl appeared, wrapped in a terrible pale pink padded jacket. "Nul points for the clothes," said Jess. "She looks like a prawn."

Usage notes[edit]

As the Eurovision contest uses a Borda count voting system, "nul points" means that no voter (in this case, country) has ranked the entry at all. The term "nul points" is not used in the official Eurovision scoring announcements, as only the entries that are awarded points are announced.