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number 2 (plural number 2s)

  1. Alternative spelling of number two
  2. Short form of number 2 pencil
    • 1996, Henderson (ed.), Bill, Minutes of the the Lead Pencil Club: pulling the plug on the electronic revolution, Pushcart, page 15:
      The standard number 2 is a mixture of about two-thirds graphite and one-third clay. If you like darker, broader lines, you can use a number 1, which includes less clay. For lighter, finer lines, try a number 3 or A, which include more clay.
    • 2000, Julie M. Gillentine, Jonathan Sharp, Alan Oken, Constance Stellas, The Hidden Power of Everyday Things: A Complete Personology Guide to Your Lifestyle for Each Day of the Year, Simon and Schuster, page 560:
      You may prefer to write in pencil and a supply of good number 2s will delight you.
    • 2002, Schenk, Joyce, I've Become My Mother: And Other Observations, iUniverse, page 38:
      My first pencils, and the ones I still use most, were the familiar orange-yellow number 2s.