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From Luo nyatiti.



nyatiti (plural nyatitis)

  1. A traditional type of lyre with eight strings, used by the Luo people of Kenya.
    • 2001, Okumba Miruka, Oral Literature of the Luo, EAEP 2001, p. 14:
      The premier Luo musical instrument is the nyatiti, a lyre of eight strings converging inside a hide resonator, all housed in a trapezoid wooden frame.
    • 2000, Radano/Bohlman, Music and the Racial Imagination, p. 373:
      Recently, some nyatiti performers have collaborated with guitarists in beautiful combined productions.
    • 1999, Simon Broughton et al., Rough Guide to World Music, p. 522:
      A quiet, largely acoustic CD with beautiful melodies and captivating rhythms that starts with nyatiti, praise songs and local rhythms.