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nycto- +‎ -philiac


nyctophiliac (plural nyctophiliacs)

  1. (rare) A nyctophile, a person who loves the night or darkness.
    • 2014, Tommy McMahon, Hero of the Day, page 245:
      He was a nyctophiliac; he found peace in the darkness and couldn't bear the weight of the light, putting him on the spot, revealing how he was nothing now.
    • 2015, Andrew Theitic, The Witches' Almanac, Issue 35, Spring 2016-2017: Air: The Breath of Life (→ISBN), page 27:
      Is it surprising that many witches are nyctophiliacs? The notion that magic is more prevalent and magicians more powerful after the sun sets is an old and respected belief, so much so that the hour of midnight is called the Witching Hour.
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