nymph of the pavé

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Alternative forms[edit]


nymph of the pavé (plural nymphs of the pavé)

  1. (obsolete) A prostitute.
    • 1842, "The Hunchback", The Southern Literary Messenger, Nov 1842:
      Having made the discovery with about the same attention to secresy, that a nymph of the pavé uses with her lovers, or the boatswain when he pipes to grog, [...] Mike O'Grady and his associate returned with merry faces to head-quarters, and reported a surprise of the enemy's camp very practicable.
    • 1864, James Paterson, Reminiscences of "Auld Ayr.", Edinburgh 1864, page 23:
      Though, on the whole, a moral, quiet place – there being only two houses of ill-fame on both sides of the river, and not a "nymph of the pave" to be seen anywhere – yet during the long dark nights of winter, considerable mischief used to be committed by the more reckless of the young [...].