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Etymology 1[edit]

Blend of obese +‎ beast


obeast (plural obeasts)

  1. (slang, derogatory) A very obese or overweight person.
    • 1981, New York Magazine, Jan 12, 1981, page 107
      The doctor told me I was a little obeast.
    • 2006, Norman Green, Shooting Dr. Jack, page 235
      “There's gotta be a ladder up there, and I can't hoist you, you's obeast.”
    • 2009, Harry F. Dahms, Nature, Knowledge and Negation, page 323
      Fast Food Nation, where, as I overheard one new mother in my town recently note, children are likely to grow up ''obeast'

Etymology 2[edit]

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obeast (plural obeasts)

  1. (religion) A intelligent demonic influence or entity.
    • 2006, Oneal McQuick, Fasting & Prayers, page 23
      I mentioned something of intelligent nature created by devils called an obeast or called that by the blues; in the article, “Real Weapons of Mass Destruction.”
    • 2007, Orlando Constantine, Angels, Let's Talk, page 39
      For an obeast in a human, the human being dead, have the abilities that Christ displayed upon resurrection.
    • 2008, Orlando Constantine, Angels, Let's Talk 2008-2009 Follow Up Notes
      if they or the obeast or any is successful in yanking a brain or head part, nerve, blood vessel, etc, then as the scripture has said, “without thy mind would I do nothing” (Philemon 1:14)