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From obese +‎ -genic.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /əʊbiːsəˈdʒɛnɪk/
    • (file)


obesogenic (comparative more obesogenic, superlative most obesogenic)

  1. Causing obesity. [from 20th c.]
    • 1970 July 1, Jimmie Holland; Joseph Masling, Donald Copley, “Mental Illness in Lower Class Normal, Obese and Hyperobese Women”, in Psychosomatic Medicine, volume 32, number 4, page 351-357:
      Some authors have characterized the so-called obesogenic family and have observed the similarity between this kind of family constellation and that of the schizophrenic patient
    • 1973, Abstracts in anthropology, volume 4:
      Thus the changes of lifestyle, concerning diet and physical activity, ie obesogenic environment, was assumed responsible. In addition, the effect of thrifty genotype has been also considered - especially in the countries where obesity []
    • 2004, New Scientist, 30 October 2004, page 46
      Ironically, the US's obesogenic environment is one that societies through the ages have dreamed of: tasty cheap food in abundance, and barely a lick of hard work to be done.


Derived terms[edit]