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Backslang for tobacco.


occabot (uncountable)

  1. (dated, costermongers) Tobacco
    • 1826, Wood, George, The Rambles of Redbury Rook, page 177:
      He took gayer and more commodious apartments, to suit the taste of the lady, who could not think of any residence not including a complete suite of rooms; his gorg was therefore transformed into eniw, and his occabot into sweet scented sragic.
    • 1851, Mayhew, Henry, London Labour and the London Poor, volume 1, Of the "Penny Gaff", page 41:
      To discover the kind of entertainment, a lad near me and my companion was asked "if there was any flash dancing." With a knowing wink the boy answered "Lots! show their legs and all, prime!" and immediately the boy followed up this information by a request for a "yennep" to get a "tib of occabot."