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occludant (plural occludants)

  1. Something that occludes.
    • 1975, Soap - Volume 51, page 37:
      He terms petrolatum "the best of the occludants and a good moisturizer, but it is unacceptable in its raw state."
    • 1999, Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office:
      An occludant precursor composition for forming an occlusion mass upon introduction of the precursor into a mammalian body comprising a solution of: a.) partially hydrolyzed polyvinylacetate, b.) a pharmaceutically acceptable solvent, and c) a soluble radio-opaque material.
    • 2013, Ethylene Glycols—Advances in Research and Application, →ISBN:
      The agent may comprise thrombotic agents to reduce the risks of leaks around the occludant, cellular in-growth agents to enhance the permanence of the hemostatic seal provided by the occludant, and/or other agents that provide other therapeutic benefits to the tissue surrounding the bladder.
  2. (phonetics) Synonym of occlusive

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  1. third-person plural present active subjunctive of occlūdō