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ochorina (plural ochorinas)

  1. Alternative spelling of ocarina
    • 1927, General Sir H.E. Blumberg, Britain's Sea Soldiers: A Record of the Royal Marines During the War 1914-1919, Swiss & Co., page 120:
      [...] their patrols could be heard calling to each other with night birdcalls, using an instrument called an ochorina, one of which was taken from a prisoner.
    • 1939, Philip George Chadwick, The Death Guard, page 179:
      Suddenly, music was leading our singing, crude music of accordians, ochorinas and mouth-organs.
    • 1973, Engineering Education, volume 64, American Society for Engineering Education, page 21:
      No Conference would be complete without the beloved A. A. Potter, former ASEE president, shown here giving an impromptu ochorina concert at a luncheon honoring Iowa State's Glenn Murphy, also a past-president of ASEE.