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From Latin octo ‎(eight) + Latin -ber from -bris, an adjectival suffix. By analogy with september, as if octō ‎(eight) : septem. In the Roman calendar, the year began with mārtius ‎(March), and octōber was the eighth month of the year.



octōber m ‎(feminine octōbris, neuter octōbre); third declension

  1. Of October.
    • 1st century CELucius Iunius Moderatus Columella, De Re Rustica, Book XII
      Cum eius radicem mense octobri, quo[d] maxime matura est.
    • 1283 — Tomazina de Savere, published in Josip Lučić (1984) Spisi Dubrovačke Kancelarije, Knjiga II, page 293.
      Die tercio octubris — the third of October

Usage notes[edit]

In Latin, the month names are used as adjectives. In the Classical period, this adjective modifies a noun identifying a particular day, from which the date was reckoned. In Medieval Latin and later periods, the adjective modifies a numeral for the day of the month.


Third declension, masculine nominative singular in -er, neuter in -e.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative octōber octōbris octōbre octōbrēs octōbrēs octōbria
genitive octōbris octōbris octōbris octōbrium octōbrium octōbrium
dative octōbrī octōbrī octōbrī octōbribus octōbribus octōbribus
accusative octōbrem octōbrem octōbre octōbrēs octōbrēs octōbria
ablative octōbrī octōbrī octōbrī octōbribus octōbribus octōbribus
vocative octōber octōbris octōbre octōbrēs octōbrēs octōbria


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Alternative forms[edit]


From Latin october ‎(of October).

Proper noun[edit]

october m

  1. October