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From an Inuit language. Compare Inuktitut ᐆᒐᖅ (uugaq), Greenlandic uuaq, uugaq (cod).



  1. Synonym of Greenland cod
    • 1881, Proceedings of the American Fisheries Society[1], volume 10, page 25:
      The shore fish which were brought to us by Indians from Old Sitka were always dark-colored, with long heads and eyes far apart, and with conspicuous blotches, in general appearance often resembling the small cod taken in shallow water off South Greenland—the ogac form of the common cod.
    • 1976, Ornithological observations in Southern Peary Land, North Greenland, 1973, volume 205, page 10:
      [] and in this part of the year he then concentrated on collecting and studying trematodes from fishes, the few fish species customarily caught through holes in the ice for consumption, mainly the father lasher and the ogac.
    • 1992, Brian W. Coad, Guide to the marine sport fishes of Atlantic Canada and New England:
      The ogac most closely resembles the Atlantic cod []
    • 2011, Chukchi Sea Planning Area: Oil and Gas Lease Sale 193 in the Chukchi Sea, Alaska: Revised Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement[2], DIANE Publishing:
      The oceanic-demersal assemblage includes fishes living on or close to ocean-bottom substrates. The ogac, ribbed sculpin, spatulate sculpin, shorthorn sculpin, spinyhook sculpin, archer eelpout, pale eelpout, and daubed shanny are included in this assemblage.