old English Carrier

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Alternative forms[edit]


old English Carrier (plural old English Carriers)

  1. English Carrier.
    • 1898, Frank M. Gilbert, Pigeons and All about Them, page 206:
      I feel that I hurt the feelings of no Carrier fancier, when I state that the show Carrier, the old English Carrier, is not one of the most popular varieties.
    • 1964, Carl Albert Naether, The book of the pigeon and of wild foreign doves, page 54:
      Even in recent times the best lofts in Antwerp house pigeons still whose general type strongly suggests the old English Dragoon and whose wing and shoulder conformations suggest the old English Carrier.
    • 2013, Squills, Secrets of Long-Distance Pigeon Racing, →ISBN:
      The Antwerp pigeons were of a larger type, strong, and in their wattles showed a good deal of the old English Carrier or Dragon crosses used by the Antwerp school many years before.