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Alternative forms[edit]


From Irish amadán, introduced into English via literature and political speech.


omadhaun (plural omadhauns)

  1. (Ireland) A fool, someone who is out of their senses, simpleton.
    • 1906, Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Paterson, A Story of Outback Life
      [] an Omadhaun is a man who began life with some sense, but lost most of it on his journey.
    • 1914, James Joyce, "Grace" in Dubliners
      "It is supposed — they say, you know — to take place in the depot where they get these thundering big country fellows, omadhauns, you know, to drill."
    • 1983, Hugh Kenner, A Colder Eye:
      Tin trumpets some of the omadhauns had brought along to bray with []
    • 1996, Frank McCourt, Angela's Ashes
      "No, you omadhaun. It bites your shoulder, rips it right off."