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From Middle English onsenden, from Old English onsendan (to send out, send forth, transmit, yield up, offer to), equivalent to on- +‎ send.


onsend (third-person singular simple present onsends, present participle onsending, simple past and past participle onsent)

  1. (transitive) To send; send on; send out; forward; transmit.
    • 2001, Julia Rosalyn Baird, Copyright and the Internet:
      Through machines' capacity to store and forward, the packet of information or file can sit wherever it is until the machine is able to onsend it.
    • 2009, Brendan Howley, John J. Loftus, The Witness Tree:
      [] to be routed through Reichsmarschall Goering's liaison to Party Leader Bormann for permission to onsend to Sicherheitsdienst/OKW/appropriate Luftforschungsamt []