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ophio- +‎ -phobic


ophiophobic (comparative more ophiophobic, superlative most ophiophobic)

  1. Afraid of snakes.
    • 1986, Nature Canada, Volumes 15-17, unnumbered page:
      The red-sided garter snake, while harmless to all but the most ophiophobic of humans, is a fearsome predator of frogs, salamanders and slugs.
    • 2000, Mick Martin & Marsha Porter, Video Movie Guide 2001, Ballantine Bokos (2000), ↑ISBN, page 895:
      Not for the ophiophobic, this made-for-cable original features rattlesnakes running amok in a small town, mediocre acting (on the humans' part, that is), dull dialogue, and laughable scenes in snake-o-vision.
    • 2005, Alec Worley, Empires of the Imagination: A Critical Survey of Fantasy Cinema from Georges Méliès to The Lord of the Rings, McFarland & Co, (2005), ↑ISBN, page 215:
      The ophiophobic Indy also has a touchingly neurotic streak (played down in later films), which counterbalances the mounting absurdity of his relentless adventures.
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