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A tattooed opisthenar


From Ancient Greek ὄπισθεν (ópisthen, behind, back) + θέναρ (thénar, palm of the hand)


opisthenar (plural opisthenars)

  1. (medicine, anatomy, rare) The back of the hand.
    • 1998, Koichi Okita et al., "Skeletal Muscle Metabolism Limits Capacity in Patients With Chronic Heart Failure", in Circulation, volume 98, issue 18, pages 1886-1891:
      Blood samples were obtained from the opisthenar vein for measurements of lactate.
    • 2001, Dean R. Koontz, One Door Away from Heaven, Random House, →ISBN, page 497:
      Her mother favored a multiyear project: obscenities carved in intricate and clever juxtapositions, descending every finger, curling in lettered whorls across the palm, fanning in offensive rays across the opisthenar, which is the name for the back of the hand, a word that Leilani knew because she had studied the structure of the human hand in detail, the better to understand her difference.
    • 2002, Taisto Manninen et al., "Handgrip for a Skiing, Walking or Skating Pole and Handstrap Fastened to the Same" (U.S. patent application), abstract:
      The handstrap includes an opisthenar-surrounding strap portion (3) which attaches to a handgrip (1) by way of transmission straps (4, 5) extending under the palm and thumb.
    • 2002, Hiroshi Nakahara et al., "Extension of Breast Cancer: Comparison of CT and MRI", in Radiation Medicine Volume 20 Number 1, page 17:
      Seventy seconds after iodine contrast medium [] was injected at 1.0 ml/sec (total 100 ml) from[sic] the opisthenar vein, the whole breast was examined []