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From Latin orbita (track, path, impression, mark), from Latin orbis (ring, circle, world), itself of uncertain origin.


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orbīta f (4th declension)

  1. (astrophysics) orbit (path of one object, especially celestial bodies, around another)
    mēness orbītathe orbit of the Moon
    orbītas slīpumsorbital inclination
    aprēķināt orbītuto calculate the orbit
    pacelt orbītā starpplanētu kuģito lift a space ship into orbit
  2. (physics) orbit (trajectory of electrons around the atomic nucleus, or of charged particles in a particle accelerator)
    alfa daļiņas orbītathe orbit of the alpha particles
  3. (anatomy) orbit, eye socket (opening in the skull where the eye fits)
    #: acs dobums jeb orbīta ir veidota no kaula, tajā ieguļ acs ābols, tā saišu un tā palīgmehānismi, asinsvadi un nervi — the eye socket or orbit is made of bone, in it is located the eyeball and its helping mechanisms, blood vessels and nerves


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